Quality apparel mixed with your school logo’s is the name of the game! With a wide variety of fabrics and price points, there’s a perfect item for everyone. Customize your apparel with different colors and logos, all while supporting your school with every purchase!

Spirit Shirts takes the hassle out of spirit wear and team wear. Forgot about the flyer and spreadsheet nightmare. Forget about having to find a vendor, filling out order forms, and collecting money. Forget about struggling to hit minimums or having to be the one dissecting all the gear to hand out. With Spirit Shirts, this process is made as easy as 1-2-3! Let us craft a page for your school, team, or club with tons of great apparel and the logos of your choosing. Direct supporters to your page, let them customize the gear they want, and we’ll ship it directly to their home. School spirit wear shouldn’t be limited to an ordering period – that’s why we offer it 24/7, 365. Due to smaller quantities, sport and club pages may be subject to an ordering window. A percentage of every sale will be driven back to your organization! Multiple boosters? Not a problem. The sales for each school, team, or club will be charted so the funds are directed appropriately. Please contact Brandon to learn more and become one step closer to having awesome apparel opened to your supporters today! Already working with us? Return to the home page and select your school to begin browsing.



Beach Babe Body Products is currently our exclusive fundraising partner. They offer phenomenal, all natural, eco-friendly body products to keep you clean, fresh, and energized! Spirit Shirts can create a fundraising page where you can direct all of your supporters. Let them order the products they want, and we’ll ship it directly to their home. This page can be open year-round, so you can continue to generate funds long after the initial kickoff. With amazing products like bath bombs, soaps, and shampoo/conditioner bars, we’re confident supports will be back for seconds. Please return to the home page and select your school to begin browsing Beach Babe Body Products or contact Brandon to begin building your fundraiser.



There are two main channels to advertise – our website and t-shirts.

The website banner will be posted along the top of your school’s page while supporters browse apparel or fundraising options. Once the supporter identifies their school, the banner will remain present until they are completely checked out or return to the home page. If your school is signed up for our ‘Spirit Shirts’ program, you can place an ad that will be printed on the back of FREE t-shirts going to the High School. We aim to deliver 300 FREE tee shirts a year to each school participating in the ‘Spirit Shirts’ Program. Advertisements will be printed in the school color and the athletic director has complete control over how he uses them. Tossing them out at home games, pep rallies, or pairing with a ticket are all ways we’ve seen the shirts utilized. Ads come in two sizes; small and large which are roughly 3.5”x2” and 11”x3” respectively. Please contact Diane for all advertising inquiries.